Express Communication Service offer sound and professional advice to meet a wide range of business needs. Our Support Solutions offers direct information and resources you need to help your business improve and grow.

The key objective of the consultancy is to provide simple, effective, affordable business improvements that increase productivity and profitability which are proven to work even in the current economic climate.


Problem Solving

Solving problems should not be guess work or trial and error. Our easy to use comparative analysis approach will teach you to ask the right questions and gather the right information. Learn to solve a problem in your head or on paper before you try an expensive fix in the real world. By applying a deductive reasoning process, the unique facts pertaining to the problem are identified. From those unique items, potential causes to problems are determined and tested to see if they meet the facts surrounding the situation.


WhyChoose Us

Risk management
Express Communication Service, designed programmes, acts as a control measure thereby assisting an organisation's risk management programme.
Improved reputation
Express Communication Service, demonstrates management's commitment to ensure the organisation continues as normal in the event of a disruption enhancing public expectation, reassuring employees and stakeholders including customers, suppliers etc.